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MicroStation is a suite of CAD software products for 2 and 3-dimensional design and drafting, developed and sold by Bentley Systems. The latest versions of the software are released solely for Microsoft Windows operating systems, but historically MicroStation was available for Macintosh platforms and a number of Unix-like operating systems.

MicroStation is the platform architectural and engineering software package. Among a number of things, it generates 2D/3D vector graphic objects and elements.

Some of the MicroStation vertical applications in In Plant Design are

Additionally, some of the MicroStation vertical applications in Civil Design are:

ITMatchOnline members provide the solutions in almost every format supported by MicroStation like Its native format DGN (DesiGN file), though it can also read and write a variety of standard CAD formats including DWG and DXF as gs; It has evolved through its various versions to include advanced modeling and rendering features, including boolean solids, raytracing, and key frame animation. It can provide specialized environments for architecture, civil engineering, mapping, or plant design, among others.

Extensions can be used with MicroStation to add to its functionality. Example extensions include the following:

Extensions can be created using:

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