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The scope for outsourcing within the field of engineering is vast and holds limitless possibilities for growth. It offers quality and precision at a fraction of the cost and is waiting to be exploited. And going by the success of other outsourcing experiments, the only way to go seems to be upwards. If you are interested in outsourcing engineering services, try ITMatchOnline’s members’ directory.

Solutions & Services offered by ITMatchOnline’s members in the field of engineering include:

2D Drafting for Mechanical and Industrial Products:
The designing and drafting processes during the production cycle of consumer products can be easily outsourced. The 2D drafting of mechanical parts and assemblies from preliminary design data and sketches can be done using software like AutoCAD. Fabrication drawings for steel products and pressure vessels can also be outsourced with ducting and piping details for boilers and machinery. 2D Lathe designing and Drafting for machinery parts can also be outsourced to these service providers.

3D Modeling for Mechanical and Industrial Products:
Seeing a 3 dimensional view of your product is important to give you a realistic picture of your product or component. The conversion of 2D drawings into 3D models can be outsourced. ITMatchOnline members have experienced engineering teams proficient in 3D modeling software like ProEngineer, CATIA and Solid Works.

You see the physical representation of your concept, be it automotive parts, heavy engineering equipment or consumer durables, with minimal investments of money, time and effort. The same service can prove useful for Interior Designing requirements. With brief descriptions of the materials and colors conceptualized by the company, they will provide a 3D representation of how exactly your room would look with materials, components and furniture specified. So you get an exact idea of how the room would look, and can also make changes before settling on the final design.

Architectural Engineering:
Architectural Engineering is another service that can be outsourced to these service providers. They provide computer aided designing and drafting services. These include converting the initial design specifications, which might only include measurements, into complete construction drawings including the plan with different elevations and sections.

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